Media Moment: Dance Inspiration at a Very Young Age

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Dear Reader, Welcome to August’s Media Moment! This month, Richard Chalfen, a CMCH Senior Scientist, shares a story about parents realizing that they need to increase their monitoring of their toddler’s media use. These stories are meant to help create a village square of commiserating and co-celebrating the many ways media intersect with the lives… Read more »

Is brexting (texting while breastfeeding) okay?

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Q: Does texting while breastfeeding affect how a mother bonds with her baby? ~ Connection Curious, on Twitter A: Dear Connection, This is yet another iteration of the most important question for parents in the Digital Age, one that will recur, in various forms, for both parent and child from infancy through adolescence. How do… Read more »

Is a bouncy seat with a tablet mount really so bad?

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Q: I’ve been hearing a lot about a new bouncy seat that includes a place where parents can put an iPad to occupy their baby. Is it really that different than watching TV, other than giving parents more control over content? –iPuzzled in Watertown, NY A: Dear iPuzzled, The recent attention on this toy is… Read more »