For parents:

Ask the Mediatrician®

In CMCH’s online advice column, readers ask questions that run the gamut from “Is it okay for my toddler to watch the same Sesame Street movie over and over?” to “My 16-year-old is playing World of Warcraft and won’t leave his room—what do I do?” The Mediatrician® (Dr. Michael Rich and the CMCH Translation Team) respond to each question with a warm, caring, research-based answer, addressing the positives and negatives of situations that range from medically serious to downright humorous. They recommend practical solutions to problems that parents have never before faced. Content is organized according to child age, media vehicle, and health outcome.

In recent years, Ask the Mediatrician has expanded to include two additional series, The Mediatrician Speaks and Media Moments. The Mediatrician Speaks contains short video segments highlighting a specific media-related topic and corresponding expert advice and tips for caregivers. Our Media Moments posts focus on everyday media-related experiences from a variety of voices. These real-life stories help foster a community of caring and better understanding of the technology we live with today.

Parents Home, Special Features, and Media Health Matters e-Newsletter

Our Parents Home contains media and health information organized by media type, health effects, and children’s age and developmental stage. Each section contains information based on the latest scientific evidence and practical tips to help parents care for their digital natives.

Our Special Features section includes in-depth Toolkits for dealing with media-related issues, holiday gift guides, summer activity ideas and more! All of our special features are designed for busy parents and created with the most up-to-date research and expert advice.

Media Health Matters is the official CMCH e-Newsletter. Although this publication is no longer in circulation, archived issues from 2011 through 2016 can be read and downloaded for free. The newsletter chronicles CMCH, media health related research, and practical tips for parents and caregivers.

Social media

CMCH is committed to spreading the message about children’s optimal media use through social media. CMCH’s Facebook page serves as a proverbial “village square,” posting the latest media and child health news from CMCH and from around the globe to foster awareness and start conversations between caregivers about media and children.

Similarly, CMCH’s Twitter account broadcasts the latest media and child health news but in a truncated, real-time format that encourages interaction from both professional organizations and interested individuals. CMCH also engages in themed Twitter chats and community forums to answer questions, garner interest, and facilitate conversation.

Additionally, follow CMCH’s Instagram account for a visual look at CMCH events, presentations and more!

For researchers:

Database of Research

CMCH’s unique database of scientific research brings together scholarship from across disciplines on how media use influences the physical, mental, and social health of children and adolescents. A free, easily searchable online resource, the database serves as the foundation for all CMCH outreach and education. It is constantly growing as more research is conducted and published. Each research study that appears in the Database includes a scientific abstract and accessible easy-to-read summary. This makes original research accessible for researchers, clinicians, educators, parents, and policy makers. The CMCH Librarian monitors hundreds of academic journals for scientific findings from more than a dozen fields to ensure that all relevant peer-reviewed studies are included. The Database of Research is currently going through a redesign process. Look for our new database, Mediatrics, which will be launched in 2017.


The CMCH Research Blog was active between 2006 and 2015. The blog had many authors over the years, in addition to guest bloggers, but it was maintained primarily by the resident librarian. The blog’s main purpose was to highlight new articles that had been indexed in the Database of Research, but it was also a space to share links to research resources and to discuss the research process in general. The blog is currently on hiatus as the Database of research is being revamped.