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Dear friends,

I recently received an email that touched my heart and refreshed and reinforced my love and the CMCH team’s love for the work that we do every day. The Center on Media and Child Health (CMCH) is dedicated to helping children and those who care for them use media and technology in ways that foster healthy and happy development. I want to share this letter with all of you in hopes that it too, will inspire you to end this year and begin the next with a commitment to help us in our mission. As a non-profit organization, every donation, big or small helps us continue to achieve our goal and serve children around the world.

On behalf of myself and the CMCH family, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy new year!

~ The Mediatrician


Dear Mediatrician,

What can I and other parents do to sustain your important information and strategies for parenting children in a digital world?

T’was the night after Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… because they were all on their brand new smartphones and tablet.

I just wanted to make a last minute contribution to the critical work that you and your team at the Center on Media and Child Health are doing to use solid scientific research to answer the questions that every parent of a digital native between 0 and 20 is asking – “How can I raise my child to be a happy, healthy and connected adult, someone who contributes and that I (and others) like?”

In this day when so much is available for free online, we all want to get everything we need without paying for it. There are a lot of opinions out there, from individuals and large organizations alike. But we don’t know whom to trust. I am so glad to have found you – a trusted, supportive, non-judgmental guide through the sea of electronic screens that comes from the best academic institution and finest children’s hospital in the country (maybe the world!).

Please accept this donation as an investment my son’s (and many other children’s) future. I tell all my friends about you, and hope that they will likewise support their children by using and supporting your work.

Thank you for being a source of light where there is a lot of heat and darkness. Please use this investment to create a happier new year in 2016 and into the future.

~ Mom from Maryland

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