Videogames With video games reaching an all-time record of $17.9 billion in sales for 2007, parents may need assistance in helping their kids use their games in safe and healthy ways.  Here are two new resources we just learned about:

Xbox offers family settings where parents can set timers for their kids, control which games they have access to, and require approval before connecting with new people. offers parent reviews of video games, descriptions of content, and images/video from the games themselves.  Users can search by the kind of video game system, the game rating, game title, or kind of content. 


One Response to “2 Video Game Helpers for Parents”

  1. jason

    I saw this post and agree that is a great resource. Had never run across this site before and wanted to join in the discussion.
    I run a small video game blog Our family reviews games that we rent from (the netflix of the gaming world.)
    Gamefly is a great helper too for parents since you can read reviews and user ratings all right there before dropping games into the queue. Parental controls are also a great feature and the system moderates our kids video game playing in myriad ways you only realize once you start using the service.
    Thought you might want to expand the list of great helpers. Us parents can use all the help we can get.


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