Media Moment –Teens and Tech: The Trouble with Homework and Planning

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Dear Reader, Welcome to another Media Moment! This month, Katie A., a high school special education teacher, shares how her experiences teaching made her open to the many different processes and tools that can help students stay organized, and the important role adults play in guiding children’s use of these tools in order to facilitate their learning. These… Read more »

The Mediatrician Speaks – Talking to Teens about Distracted Driving

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Michael Rich, MD, MPH of Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is “The Mediatrician”. In this episode, the Mediatrician discusses the dangers of driving while texting and the importance of talking to teens about distracted driving before they get behind the wheel. For more information and to submit… Read more »

I’m a seventh grader doing a project on how social media use affects body image – what does the research show?

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Q: I am a 7th grader working on an independent research project about whether using social media can be addictive and how using social media affects adolescent girls’ body image. What does the scientific research show? And how can I learn more about this? ~ Scrutinizing Social Media, Wellesley, MA Dear Scrutinizing, As a seventh grader,… Read more »