October is apparently a hefty month for media research!  In addition to the 6 articles I posted about last week, there are five other new studies here:

  • Published in Pediatrics, Connor examined food advertising on preschool-aimed children and found that most advertisers focused on creating lifelong brand-loyalty rather than generating immediate sales.  CMCH Director, Dr. Michael Rich, was interviewed about this study by CBS-4 in Boston.
  • In another Pediatrics article, Sharif and Sargent found that the more television or video games a child played during the week, the more likely they were to do worse in school.  Weekend use of TV and video games was not associated with school performance. 
  • In a third Pediatrics article, Ybarra et al found that 9% of youth reported being the target of Internet harassment and one in four of these targets reported being contacted offline as a result of the harassment.  Using the Internet for chat rooms, instant messaging, or blogging increased the likelihood of being harassed. 
  • A study by McGee and Ketchel in Tobacco Control found that one in four programs on New Zealand television included smoking imagery.
  • An article by Hafez and Ling presented an historical analysis of how Kool cigarettes has used music to target their audience, specifically young African-American males.  Their recent use of hip-hop music aims to target a larger audience. 

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