RichMassachusetts lawmakers are considering a measure to limit the sales of violent video games to minors.  Several other states including Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, Michigan and California, have attempted similar measures but have all been denied because of Constitutional conflicts.

Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH, was interviewed for a newscast and a podcast on this topic.

2 Responses to “Boston Regulating Video Games?”

  1. poulsbo florist

    it seems too ideal and definitely hard to do. the more the authority makes it harder to get or acquire video games, the more likely these kids will try and get their hands on them, one way or another.

  2. David

    It seems odd that they keep trying to pass these laws when they are continually overturned. A lawmaker serious about this issue should meet with a team of researchers and lawyers to come up with a bill that will serve parents and children and also be constitutionally viable.


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