Should I give my tween twins smartphones?

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Q: I have a set of twins, ages 11 soon to be 12. My son has Asperger’s Syndrome and my daughter has ADHD.  They both have a natural affinity for screens and are very rule-oriented.  My daughter very much wants a smartphone, as “everyone” at middle school has one and she wants to fit the… Read more »

A Thank You Letter to The Mediatrician

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Dear friends, I recently received an email that touched my heart and refreshed and reinforced my love and the CMCH team’s love for the work that we do every day. The Center on Media and Child Health (CMCH) is dedicated to helping children and those who care for them use media and technology in ways… Read more »

CMCH Medialutions

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The New Year is symbolic of new beginnings, opportunities and chances to start fresh! To celebrate 2016, each member of the CMCH team came up with a “medialution”, a resolution involving media that s/he hopes to accomplish throughout the year. We hope that our medialutions will inspire YOU and your family to come up with… Read more »