Buijzen et al surveyed over 450 elementary school children to learn how their emotional reactions to violent news were mediated by their parents.  Results showed that younger children were less likely to be worried, scared and angry when parents actively helped them understand what they were seeing on the news. 

Other new media effects research:

  • Fitzpatrick et al. Positive effects of family dinner are undone by television viewing. Finding:  Eating dinner together as a family was positively associated with serving fruits or vegetables, while serving fruits or vegetables decreased with each night the television was on during dinner.
  • O’Brien et al. The ecology of childhood overweight: a 12-year longitudinal analysis. Finding:  Children who watched more TV after school were more likely to be overweight.
  • Ochoa et al. Predictor factors for childhood obesity in a Spanish case-control study.  Finding:  Watching television was associated with higher obesity risk.

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