In the past few months, we at CMCH have added several new information services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Ask the Mediatrician to help keep you updated about the latest news and research on media and children's health. 

We are changing things around a bit, so that this blog will focus primarily on resources for researchers.  There will be two main types of posts: the popular Research Wrap-Ups posted every Friday, and our new Research Toolbox posts on Tuesdays, connecting you with tools and resources that can help you in you work. We will also continue to have posts by guest bloggers occasionally.

Because we have so many information outlets and a variety of audiences, we wanted to outline the particulars of each so that you can decide what's right for your needs and how often you want to hear from us.  All services are free!

Ask the Mediatrician Ask the Mediatrician

  • Content: Q&A from parents looking for advice on media and kids. 
  • Updated: 2x/week (every Monday and Thursday)
  • Subscribe and receive an email each time we answer a new question
  • Send us an email with your question for the Mediatrician


  • Content: Listings of new research, and tools and resources to help carry out research on media effects. 
  • Updated: 2x/week (every Tuesday and Friday)
  • Subscribe and receive an email each time we post something new

CMCH on Twitter CMCH on Twitter

  • Content: Updates about news and research, parent tips, links to resources for parents, teachers and resources.
  • Updated: 2-3x/day
  • To subscribe, visit our Twitter page and click "Follow"

CMCH on Facebook CMCH on Facebook

  • Content: Contains content from the CMCH Blog, CMCH on Twitter, and Ask the Mediatrician into one place where you can comment on stories and join in the conversation with others
  • Updated: 2-3x/day
  • Visit our page and click on "Become a Fan" at the top to have our stories show up in your news feed.

CMCH Newsletter CMCH Newsletter

  • Content: The newsletter is on hiatus, but will return in November completely redesigned!
  • Updated: 4x/year
  • See past newsletters or sign up to receive future newsletters

CMCH Database of Research CMCH Database of Research

  • Content: The first searchable online database of research on media and child health.
  • Updated: We are currently undergoing major improvements to the Database which will be unveiled in September – a new keyword system and three all new search engines!  New citations will be added weekly after the launch.
  • Use the CMCH Database of Research

CMCH website CMCH Website

  • Content: Information about the connection between media and health, tips for parents, CMCH Database of Research, information about the staff and projects of CMCH, and contact information.
  • Updated: The homepage received a total makeover earlier this Summer so that new information from our other information sources is displayed right on the front page. 
  • Visit the CMCH Website

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