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Continuing on with 10th year celebration of the Center on Media and Child Health, we hope you enjoy March's Monthly Meet!

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Center on Media and Child Health Monthly Meet

LopesMeet: Isabel Lopes

How long have you been at the Center: I have been at the Center since March 2008.

What do you do at the Center: I am a Librarian with CMCH. I help support the Center's reference needs (like finding links to resources and research for Ask the Mediatrician posts!) and manage all aspects of developing the CMCH Database of Research.

What is one of your current CMCH projects? My main project is supporting the development of the CMCH Database of Research by populating it with current research on children, media, and health. I am also working on developing sponsor webpage for our website.

What is one way you like to use media creatively: My son is extremely interested in all sorts of technology, and I am always looking for ways to be creative with technology, particularly with apps. We love to make short movies and stories and it can be just about anything and anywhere. We have great movies of our son reading in Portuguese, playing games, exploring water, and pretending to be a rock star. Our favorite apps are: Audioboo, My story, and Educreations.

What is one of your favorite movies: I love to watch movies! My local library is a gold mine and has amazing and unique foreign movies. I like movies that tell great retrospective stories, and my favorite movies are either independent or foreign movies, including Mississipi Masala, Cinema Paradiso and Burnt by the Sun.

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