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Continuing on with 10th year celebration of the Center on Media and Child Health, we hope you enjoy July's Monthly Meet!

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Center on Media and Child Health Monthly Meet

Beth KarnesMeet:
Beth Karnes

How long have you been at the Center? I have been at the Center nearly 6 years, since fall of 2007.

What do you do at the Center? As the
Parent Network Chair, I help CMCH translate the latest research on media and child health into educational content and tools for parents.

What is one of your current CMCH projects? Collaborating with the CMCH staff, I write and produce our monthly newsletter, Media Health Matters. I especially enjoy writing Tips for Parents that address topics inspired by real parents from all across the country. I am also working on adding more photography, graphics, tools, and content that will help make our website more engaging and easy-to-use for parents.

What is one way you like to use media creatively? I love illustration and typography, so I enjoy using new software to design logos and concept art. It’s always a thrill to sketch an idea on paper, and then watch as it so quickly and vividly emerges on screen.

What is one of your favorite movies and why? One of my favorite movies is Jessie Nelson’s 2001 drama I Am Sam, starring Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dakota Fanning, and a Beatles soundtrack! I’m always looking for great movies to watch with my husband and three older teens on family movie night, and this one was a hit. I Am Sam is the story of a developmentally disabled man, Sam (Penn), who is raising his child, Lucy
(Fanning), on his own. This story is about love, intelligence, compassion, determination, friendship, and other important topics that kept my family thinking and talking long after the popcorn bowls and blankets were cleared.

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