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Continuing on with 10th year celebration of the Center on Media and Child Health, we hope you enjoy October’s Monthly Meet!

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Center on Media and Child Health Monthly

Jill Photo (2)Meet:
Jill R. Kavanaugh

How long have you
been at the Center:
I am brand new – I joined last

What do you do at the
I am the Librarian, and I provide
research and reference support to our team.

What is one of your
current CMCH projects?
I maintain the Database of Research, which indexes articles related to any type of media and
child health from a wide range of disciplines (medicine, psychology, and
education, to name a few). The database is an amazing resource for both parents
and researchers who want to read the actual evidence behind the issues
affecting children.

What is one way you
like to use media creatively:
I am always
trying to find a new way to use mobile apps in my professional and personal
life. I recently started using a GPS app that allows me to save and share maps
of where I have been in a day. This has been a great way to learn my way around
the Boston area, and to remind me of areas that I still need to explore.  

What is one of your
favorite games?
I have been a video game
enthusiast since I was a kid. I have owned almost every console from the
original NES up to the PS3, and I love games from a lot of different genres.
Despite all the amazingly complex games out there, I always claim one as my
favorite – Tetris. I can spend hours spinning blocks ;)

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