This post was written by CMCH Director Dr. Michael Rich:

One of the founding philosophies of CMCH was to provide a “village square” where researchers investigating any aspect of media influence on child health and development could exchange ideas, questions, concerns, and resources. Our field has long been hobbled by scant funding, limited communication among researchers (especially those in different academic disciplines), and missed opportunities, in terms of unnecessarily duplicated studies, incomplete or ineffective studies that could have been better accomplished in another field, and powerfully synergistic collaborations that never occurred.

To facilitate dialogue, networking, and potential collaborations, CMCH would like to invite you, our subscribers, to become “guest bloggers.” The idea would be to share the work that you and your institutions are doing, to explore the areas in which you need or seek help, and to open discussions of key questions this field is facing.

In this spirit, I’d like to share descriptions of my 3 current projects in hopes that those who are working in these areas will feel welcome to join us in collegial dialogue and possibly collaboration:

  • Developing and implementing a new, more comprehensive and sensitive data collection method for assessing media exposure in a complex, multitasking environment
  • Conducting a follow-up to my 2001 study of what pediatricians in training are taught regarding media effects
  • Applying Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment (VIA) (the method where kids are given camcorders to make video diaries of their illness experiences) to better understand overweight in childhood and adolescence.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you wish to discuss any of these projects or to contribute a similar description of your own research directions as a guest blogger. No experience with blogging is required, you just compose the text. 

By seeking collaboration of our strengths, we will be more powerful and effective as a community of researchers. Come join us the in the “global village square.”

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