With the holiday shopping season now at its peak, we are all faced with the daunting task of finding the right gifts. Media have become increasingly central to the holiday season – they are used to motivate consumers to buy and, from video games and DVDs to MP3 players and cell phones, media are among the most popular gifts given. CMCH researchers have composed a list of healthy gift ideas for parents and caregivers to consider when shopping for children this holiday season.

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This season, focus on the CHILD:

Creative: Think creatively about who the child is and what makes him or her truly happy.

Homework: Study the nature, content, and age-appropriateness of gifts, especially media products, before buying.

Imagination: Provide a child’s growing mind with gifts to stimulate their imagination, creative growth and development

Learning: Look for gifts that encourage problem-solving, creativity and positive social interaction.

Donate: Give the gift of giving.

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