As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH, attended the National Video Game Summit in Minnesota this weekend.  Participants of the summit included researchers and representatives of the video game industry, who disagreed about whether the ratings system protects children from violent and sexually explicit content. 

Many researchers object to ratings being assigned by the makers of video games, while the video game industry says their system is used by parents and none of them are complaining about it.  The key to solving the problem, says Dr. Rich, is "to reframe this as a health issue, not as a moral issue."

This debate comes at a time when the makers of "Grand Theft Auto" have just released another controversial video game titled "Bully."  In the age of school shootings, a game that glorifies youth violence is bound to be contentious.  Bringing to life the ratings disagreement at the summit — "Bully" is rated T, for teens 13 and older.

See research on video game ratings in the CMCH Database of Research.

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