Walk into any supermarket with a child and you’ll soon hear "mommy, daddy, buy me this?" every time they see a familiar Disney character on a box.  Currently, these characters appear on high-sugar snacks like Pop-Tarts and fruit snacks.  But this will all change according to Disney’s new nutrition standards, to be enacted in 2008 when their current licensing contracts run out.  According to Disney executives:

"The food items that would be barred from Disney licensing deals are those in which total fat exceeds 30 percent of calories for main and side dishes and 35 percent for snacks, saturated fat exceeds 10 percent of calories for main dishes and snacks, and added sugar exceeds 10 percent of calories for main dishes and 25 percent for snacks.  All trans fats are to be eliminated from food at restaurants located in Disney’s theme parks by 2007 and from licensed food items by 2008."

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