Photo by "" on Flickr Q: I'm doing last-minute holiday shopping, and I still don't know what to give! How do I know what to choose for the children in my life? The choices are overwhelming!
-Holiday harried, in Medford, MA

A: Dear Holiday harried,

Never fear! Even as time grows short, you still have time to take a breath and think about what to give the children on your list this holiday season–whether you're giving media or non-media gifts. No matter what you choose, remember to keep the CHILD first:

  • Creativity: Think creatively about who the child is & customize your gift.
  • Homework: Do your homework to make sure the gift matches the child.
  • Imagination: Stimulate their imagination with gifts they can use creatively.
  • Learning: Encourage learning with gifts that peak their curiosity.
  • Donate: Teach about giving by helping a child make a donation.

Take a look at our media shopping gift guide if you're considering giving media gifts. If you're looking for non-media gifts, check out our non-media gift ideas. And remember, some of the most meaningful gifts are free.

Enjoy your media and use them wisely,
The Mediatrician® 

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