In honor of Earth Day, this week’s posts will give you resources on media and the environment.
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Conversion The digital conversion has been postponed to June
12, giving Americans extra time to prepare for life without
analog TV. But this transition provides more than the impetus for
upgrading your television. It also provides an unprecedented
opportunity to rethink how you use media in your home.

shows that TVs in bedrooms are associated with negative health
outcomes like overweight and sleep disorders.  When
TVs are in common, non-eating areas, however, you can both monitor how
much your children watch and discuss with them what they see.

So if you already have an analog TV in your child’s bedroom – or anywhere else you might not want one –  consider getting rid of it instead of converting it.  In most states you can still throw your TV out with the trash, but their toxic chemicals can harm the environment.

Here is some help for disposing of televisions in an earth-friendly way:

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