In honor of Earth Day, this week’s posts will give you resources on media and the environment.
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Reducing the energy you use to power electronics can help save money and the planet!  Here are some tips.

How to reduce energy use with your current electronics:

  • Reduce phantom loads: Many electronics continue to use a small amount of power even when they are switched off.  Unplug anything you think you won’t use for a while.
  • Unplug chargers:  Unplug the chargers to you use to power your personal electronics after they batteries are fully charged.
  • Turn off computers:  If your computer will be unused for more than 20 minutes, shut off the monitor.  If it will be unused for more than 2 hours, shut down the entire computer.
  • See other tips from the US Department of Energy

How to purchase energy efficient electronics:

  • Search for electronics certified by Energy Star:
  • Are LCD or plasma televisions more energy efficient?  Check out this video to find out:


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