In honor of Earth Day, this week's posts will give you resources on media and the environment. 
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Here at CMCH, we often note that the greatest power of media is that it can be used to educate.  Here are some media that can help teach kids about the environment:


  • Life: Narrated by Oprah, the 11 episodes of this Discovery channel series use the latest HD technology to showcase creatures from around the world.
  • Planet Earth: This BBC series is a compilation of 5 years of filming by 70 photographers in 62 countries and captures spectacular landscape and animal footage.  
  • Earth:
    Narrated by James Earl Jones, this big-screen version of footage from Planet
    (some previously unseen) is compacted into 90 minutes.  Earth
    hits theaters on April 22 and Disney will plant a tree for each ticket
    sold this week.

Video Games:

  • African Safari:
    Go on a wild-animal safari and take "photographs" of more than 30
    animals without disturbing them in their natural habitat.  (rated E,
    Nintendo Wii)
  • Endless Ocean:  Go deep-sea diving where you can explore and learn about all kinds of marine life at your leisure. (rated E, Nintendo Wii)



  • Sarah Pirtle:  The lyrics to her children's songs revolve around connecting with the natural world.
  • Singalong Lyrics:  New lyrics about nature set to common tunes you and your kids already know.


  • PBS Kids EekoWorld: Kids can build their own animals, play games about energy, and talk about what they do in their own lives to help the planet.
  • Energy Star Kids:  Kids can click through a virtual bedroom to learn what kinds of changes they can make to save energy.  

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