As internet use and other electronic forms of communication
have become increasingly prevalent among young people, a new form of bullying
has been on the rise: cyberbullying. This form of bullying involves “posting
hurtful, embarrassing, or threatening text or images using the Internet, cell
phones, or other communication devices.” And as difficult as any bullying can
be to detect, cyberbullying poses the additional challenges of being anonymous
and easy to hide.

Picture1_2That’s where Eyes on
comes in. This new multimedia bullying prevention program,
developed in part by CMCH Senior Scientist Ronald G. Slaby, PhD, provides
resources to help parents, children, and caregivers address and prevent
bullying of all kinds. The website
contains information about bullying, as well as activities, resources, and a
toolkit that parents and caregivers can download for free.

The program is also hosting three national teleseminars on
topics related to bullying. The second, entitled “The Growing Problem of
Cyberbullying,” will occur on Tuesday May 6, from 2 to 3 p.m. EST. See the website to sign up or, if
you are unable to attend the teleseminars, to download podcasts and transcripts
of them after they air.

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