Here is a list of published and upcoming titles of interest on the topics of children, media, and health. Please let us know about any new books you would like to see highlighted in the future!

This new book addresses pressing questions such as: Is the internet really transforming children and young people's lives? And, is the so-called 'digital generation' genuinely benefiting from exciting new opportunities?

The author argues that parents need to allow children to grow and flourish, to balance sensible guidance with youthful independence. That means letting children play, experiment, and mess around without adults hovering over them.

This fully revised edition offers a unique and comprehensive analysis of the latest research on  the media's potential for harm, especially in relation to children.

The author highlights the likely consequences of kids consuming television ad other media without adult intervention.

Upcoming Book

The central purpose of this book is to examine critically the claim that playing games can provide learning that is deep, sustained and transferable to the "real world."

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