Just last week I blogged about an article which pondered what will happen when violent video games are brought to the Wii platform and players must physically replicate violent actions.  Today, the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood (CCFC) put out a press release about Manhunt2 coming out as a Wii game next month. 

CMCH Director Dr. Michael Rich was interviewed for the press release, saying:

By creating a virtual reality and allowing players to act out, rather than simply witness, fictional narratives in virtual worlds, players experience and learn the game’s skills, whether they be based in strategy, logic, or violence. The content of Manhunt 2 and the unique physical interaction with the Wii control combine to take this simulation a level closer to reality – we can expect that the effects of this experience will be even greater.

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has responded to CCFC’s request for an Adult Only (AO) rating, stating "Our ratings are intended to provide guidance that allows parents to choose games they deem suitable for their children, and that is a responsibility we take extremely seriously."

Update 6/20/07:  The ESRB has given the game an AO rating.  The game creators have the option of appealing this rating or of making the game less violent in order to receive a Mature (M) rating. 

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