Anyone who compares themselves to celebrities and models always falls short.  No one can live up to the flawless images in advertising or on the red carpet.  On top of having an entire staff of stylists ready to make them look good, photos are often digitally retouched for advertisements and magazines. 

Next week, CMCH will be partnering with TeamUp Marblehead to speak to 7th and 8th grade students about how media affect body image.  In our presentations, we use these fun resources to give students a "behind the scenes" look at how ads and magazine photos are altered to present an image of perfection:

  • Greg Apodaca’s Portfolio – roll over the picture to see how digital retouching makes this woman have a smaller waist, a larger chest, clearer skin, a smaller belly button, and no wrinkles.
  • Fluid Effect – click on Portfolio, then Before & After to see how these photos are changed so that people appear flawless.
  • This video shows how a woman is transformed from regular person to billboard ad:

One Response to “Fun Resources for Body Image Media Mastery”

  1. Rhonda Olsen

    Wow! What an amazing video…really gives the viewer a chance to see just how much images are altered, and that the majority of images we see are not real. Love Dove for the great work they are doing! :0)


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