photo by Flickr Chris Devers In honor of Earth Day, this week’s posts will give you resources on media and the environment.
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Do you have an old computer in your basement?  Used cell phones lying around?  TVs collecting dust?  Getting them out of your house will help
your family reduce the amount of media they use, help others who can
use items you no longer want, and help the Earth by making sure
materials are properly disposed.  What are you waiting for?  Get the
family together and start cleaning!

Last year, our page on recycling electronics received national
attention when Newsweek recommended it.  We’re recycling it for you to use again — here it is, with a
few updates!

One Response to “Earth Day Posts: Recycling Electronics”

  1. Electronics Philippines

    Hmmmm… I have some used cell phone in our stock room and I think that it could be recycled. Anyway, thanks for giving me an idea. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep it up!


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