The following was written by Guest Blogger Dr. Gwenn, a pediatrician, health journalist, mother, and author of the blog Dr. Gwenn Is In.

Teen celebrity news is always adding that extra twist to our lives as parents, forcing us to answer our kids’ tough questions.  And the latest gossip about Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy is no exception. 

What is important is our reaction to their questions and our ability to answer them in a way that keeps them coming back with more questions. If we become too rigid or judgmental, they’ll run and get their answers from someone else.

The other element of this picture is to help our kids see the difference between our world, the real world, and the "real" world of the celebrities they idolize. I try to get my girls to see that their idols are in a way always in a show and always "on". Their lives are very similar to the sit-coms they are hired for and really the best "reality TV" on air today!

Celebrity news like this always sparks some great articles on how to talk to kids about difficult topics. One of my favorites is from last December’s Newsweek. Author Kathleen Deveny hits the nail on the head about celebrity news and kids in her last paragraph:

"So I vow not to bring the subject up with my daughter and if she brings it up with me I will try to find out what she thinks about it. I will try not to be harsh or judgmental about Ms. Spears, because I want my daughter to feel like she can talk to me about anything."

So, as 2008 gets more underway, put on your best "I’m hear if you want to talk" ears…and get ready for another year of celebrity news. Who knows what we are in for next!

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