CMCH researchers Dr. Michael Rich and Dr. David Bickham have tested a new approach to collecting media use data called Measuring Youth Media Exposure (MYME).  This approach combines a recall questionnaire and time-use diary with momentary sampling in the form of electronic reports and video surveys.  This combination will allow researchers to gain a better understanding of the ways that teens use multiple media simultaneously. 

The abstract of the MYME pilot study has been published in this month’s Journal of Adolescent Health, which has a number of other media-related studies as well.  These abstracts will all be posters or platform presentations at the upcoming Society of Adolescent Medicine conference at the end of March:

  • Dobkin, L. et al.  Is text messaging key to improving adolescent sexual health?
  • Durant, R. et al.   Viewing professional wrestling on television and engaging in violent and other health risk behaviors by a national sample of adolescents
  • Edman, J. et al.   Comparison of adolescent risk behavior in commercials televised during the 2002 and 2005 Super Bowls
  • Horvath, K. et al.   The sexual behavior of young Internet-using men who have sex with men
  • Lord, S. et al.  Efficacy of online alcohol and other drug prevention for early adolescents
  • White, M. et al.  Disco dance video game-based interventional study on childhood obesity

Full articles in JAH this month:

  • Hardy, L. et al.  Changes in sedentary behavior among adolescent girls: A 2.5-year prospective cohort study
  • Kaestle, C. et al.  Music videos, pro wrestling, and acceptance of date rape among middle school males and females: An exploratory analysis
  • Mitchell, K. et al.  Trends in youth reports of sexual solicitations, harassment and unwanted exposure to pornography on the Internet
  • Thompson, E. et al.  Cigarettes and cinema: Does parental restriction of R-rated movie viewing reduce adolescent smoking susceptibility?

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