This week, in the city where a horrendous college shooting occured just two weeks ago, the Montreal Gazette published an article about today’s technology trends, and whether we’re missing out on real human connections.  Since the shooter’s love for violent video games was immediately mentioned concurrently with the incident, it’s no wonder many people are curious about whether and how today’s technology affects kids. 

One of the experts the reporter interviewed was long-time media effects researcher Joanne Cantor.  Her thoughts:  "’Kids can take a violent movie and watch it again and again,’ says Joanne Cantor, professor emeritus of communications at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  ‘What’s new is the amount of immersion,’ says Cantor, who has been studying the effects of media violence for 35 years.  ‘The more time you spend in this fantasy world of violence, the more you will lack empathy and you will have more violent fantasies and thoughts.’"

You can see more of Joanne Cantor’s work in the CMCH Database of Research.

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