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April 2016

Spring Clean Your Schedule!

Spring has officially sprung and for many that means airing out the house, dusting, and reorganizing closets. This April, add another item to your spring cleaning list by taking a look at the family calendar and making sure it supports a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

To do this, come together as a family and discuss all of your activities; are there too many? Too few? Make sure that there is enough time for the activities you love to do and that are healthy, such as:

•    Outdoor time
•    Daily family meal
•    Schoolwork
•    Sleep
•    Time with friends
Reorganizing your calendar can help your family get into a healthy groove for the Spring and in the months to come! Also remember to think about the time you spend with screen media – is there a family movie night? Or a weekly TV show? Seeing what everyone’s schedule looks like allows time for screen media that is planned and purposeful and can help kids and adults manage their time with it. For more information and ideas, click here.

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