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Smart Gifts for Kids


Although sometimes hectic, the holiday season is a time for reflection; it can foster recognition of the significance of everyday, ordinary acts. The way children spend their time, for example, matters because it shapes the person they will become. For fun gift ideas that will help your child gain experiences that support both wants and needs, check out these resources. 




Choosing Family Holiday Movies
C O N S I D E R :
 1. The youngest child in the group

2. The individual child 

3. Starting traditions early


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On Tragedy 
Where do we go from here?
In the wake of last week’s tragedy in Connecticut, our hearts ache for the victims and their families and friends. And we ask, Where do we go from here? How do we build a world where things like this don’t happen? The pain is palpable, and we continue to search for answers. Through this holiday season and beyond, our thoughts will be with all those touched by Newtown.

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 Have a Peaceful Holiday Season 
– from all of us at the Center on Media and Child Health