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July 2016

Workout your body to boost your brain!

Research shows that physical activity is not only good for your body, it’s good for your brain, too! Exercise can promote learning and memory, decrease sadness, and help your brain stay healthy.  

This summer, make it a family goal to keep your bodies and brains active! To help get started, check out these ideas:

  • Make it routine. Go on a walk as a family after dinner
  • Go on active outings. Visit the beach and throw around a football, take a swim at the local pool, or climb the monkey bars at a playground!
  • Join or create a sports team. Get exercise, make friends, and develop your brain all at the same time!
  • Make exploring a game. Design a scavenger hunt, download an app such as Pokémon GO or Geocache!
  • Be active indoors. Even it is raining outside, you can still get your blood flowing by playing an exergame such as Wii tennis or Dance Dance Revolution! 

Ask the Mediatrician

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CMCH Summer Guide
Beat the heat with cool, healthy and fun activity ideas for the whole family! 

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Guidance from Dr. Michael Rich and others about screen time and children.