Media Health Matters
  J U N E   2 0 1 3                  I N T E R N E T   S A F E T Y   M O N T H
School’s out! Now what?


Learning happens 

year round, but many teachers will tell you that kids backtrack over the summer. To help the learning flow, have kids engage in many kinds of activities: 


> Go outside! Play, swim, or explore at a nearby park.

> Go off the grid at sleepaway camp.

> Watch documentaries that inspire.

> Allow for quiet, contemplative time.

> Visit museums, theaters and zoos.

> Use media to create, not just consume.

> Enjoy family time, travels, and traditions!


Websites and apps can provide fun ways to learn–just make sure they complement, rather than replace, what your child can gain from a variety of play experiences. For ideas on how to use the internet wisely in any season, visit our Internet Safety Toolkit.



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