Media Health Matters

November 2016

Show an attitude of gratitude!

The past presidential election was stressful for many of us. Despite your political affiliation, take time with your family to reflect on all that you have to be thankful for.

Research shows that showing gratitude can help us become more social, more satisfied with life, and more likely to give back to our community. Here are some ways you can help your family stress less and focus on having an attitude of gratitude:
  • Take a break – Avoid getting caught in the constant flow of posts, emails, and other notifications that can overwhelm and distract you and your family from being reflective. Make media-free spaces and times in your family’s day when cell phones and other screens are turned off or placed out of the way.
  • Share – Once you’ve figured out what you’re thankful for, share it with others! Discuss what you appreciate around the dinner or breakfast table. Online, take part in the collective conversation by using positive hashtags such as #ThankfulThursday, and talk to your teens and tweens about what they are sharing and seeing on their social networks. 
  • “Like” in many ways – While it does feel good and rewarding to receive “likes” on your posts, don’t forget to feel and show what you are thankful for in your family, school, and communities, both on and offline. 

Media Moment

The Mediatrician shares his 
reflections and hopes for the future following the presidential election.

The Mediatrician Speaks
The Mediatrician talks about the American Academy of Pediatrics’
new recommendations for children’s media use.  

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