Should the video game Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) be part of your strategy for this year’s weight-loss resolutions? Two recent studies have looked to DDR as a means of weight loss and
found that theoretically, playing the game could work to decrease obesity:

  • Lanningham-Foster et al
    found that children expended twice as much energy using an active game (such as DDR) as they did while using non-active video games. 
  • Unnithan et al found that playing DDR met heart-rate standards (but not volume of oxygen standards) for developing and maintaining cardiovascular fitness.

a new study by Madsen et al is the first to test how well teens would actually stick with
the exercise regimen.  In their research with 30 teens, they found that although the game has widespread appeal, it is unlikely to hold their interest for long enough to make a difference in weight loss.

5 Responses to “Dance Dance Revolution: Weight Loss Aid?”

  1. Al Hardy

    It’s great to see video game manufacturers coming up with games that make you do something more than just sit there in front of the TV. I like playing tennis on my Wii. Great fun and at least I’m burning some calories, even if it’s just a few.

  2. Lap Band

    I also agree that it is great that the game industry are creating video games in order to help many Americans that are suffering from inactive lifestyles. I like the Nintendo Wii Fit. It is a wonderful tool to get people of the couch and moving.

  3. Anonymous

    Dancing is one of the major exercises that can really help with your weight problems.

  4. Jo

    I think they should work great and will encourage more of our young generation into exercising and enjoying it as well.


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