On April 25th, the FCC issued a report about the impact of violent media on children.  The report cites years of research showing that exposure to violent media is associated with an increase in aggressive behavior, at least in the short-term.  The report also cites research by CMCH’s Dr. David Bickham and Dr. Michael Rich which found that children who watched more violent television spent less time with their peers. 

The FCC report recommends that Congress consider these measures:

  • restricting violent television to certain times of day
  • allowing customers to opt-out of channels they do not want
  • allowing customers to pay for only the channels they want

There have been mixed reactions to the report.  Many groups are pleased that the government has officially recognized research showing a connection between violent media and aggressive behavior.  Critics of the report worry about the legality of policing certain content, how violence would be officially defined, and how offering a la carte channels would be regulated. 

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