This week, 3 new studies on alcohol and tobacco advertising were released.  One study looked at the kinds and amount of alcohol and tobacco ads shown during televised sports.  After content analysis of 83 hours of televised sports, the author found that although commercials for tobacco and alcohol commercials have somewhat decreased as a result of the Master Settlement, companies have turned to other strategies to promote themselves, such as having their brand names mentioned in ads for other products. 

Another study looked at several brewer sponsored "drink responsibly" campaigns, and found that the alcohol companies’ seemingly pro-health message serves to subtly promote sales and improve the public’s perception of their image. 

A third study looked at the effect of pro- and anti-tobacco messages on whether teens are susceptible to start smoking.  Questionnaires from over 2,000 teens showed that exposure to tobacco advertising increases susceptibility to smoking over time.  With the results of the previous two studies showing that advertisers are becoming more creative with their strategies, it is good to know that the questionnaires here also showed that exposure to anti-tobacco advertisements was effective in preventing smoking.

Click to see more research on alcohol advertising or tobacco advertising from the CMCH Database of Research. 

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