TivoHow does having TV on-demand affect children? In The Boston Globe this week, CMCH Director Dr. Michael Rich attempted to answer this question.

He says that although we don’t really know how the ability to see what they want when they want affects kids, we do know that, if overused, on-demand media can be as much of a trap as any other kind — especially when parents feel the need to keep their kids constantly entertained. And as Dr. Rich points out, "If there’s nothing good on TV…that’s a good reason to turn the set off."

Potential problems aside, however, the article suggests that on-demand media can be a boon to parents and children alike by allowing parents to:

  • Substantially reduce their
    kids’ exposure to TV advertising
  • Store a selection of child-appropriate shows to use as desired
  • Hold off on watching a particular show until the time is right (e.g., it’s not too late at night, homework is finished, etc.)

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