Are there studies demonstrating that media education benefits children/teens?

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Q: Our school is considering adding media education to the curriculum, but some board members want “evidence” of its benefit. Can you recommend any studies that clearly demonstrate that media education helps children/teens? – Reaching for Research, USA A: Dear Reaching, You are right to want to have media education (often called media literacy education)… Read more »

I’m part of a mom’s group that discusses family media management – How should I answer questions about whether or not to expose kids to video games?

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Q: I am part of a moms’ group that puts on monthly parent meetings in an effort to educate parents about the issues surrounding screen time in the home. In our next meeting, we will be focusing on video gaming, and I would like your advice on how to handle the inevitable parental question: “If… Read more »

Media Moment: Dance Inspiration at a Very Young Age

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Dear Reader, Welcome to August’s Media Moment! This month, Richard Chalfen, a CMCH Senior Scientist, shares a story about parents realizing that they need to increase their monitoring of their toddler’s media use. These stories are meant to help create a village square of commiserating and co-celebrating the many ways media intersect with the lives… Read more »