A new study by Webb et al in Pediatrics examined violence in 77 movies rated PG-13.  The authors found that 90% of these movies contained violence.  Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH, responded to the study with an editorial in the same issue. 

Dr. Rich notes that the entertainment industry rates its own products and that these ratings "are neither based in science nor assigned by child development experts."  He also points out that "In no other aspect of practice would pediatricians recommend abandoning science and relying on the advice of those who stand to profit from children’s use of a health-affecting product."

Dr. Rich closes his letter by stating: As a society, we have demanded inspection and certification of what we feed our children’s bodies, but we have no credible system for ensuring the safety of what we feed their minds. As pediatricians, we need something better than industry ratings with which to guide parents and children toward optimizing their physical, mental, and social health.

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