Whether you are a researcher or high school student, many of us keep track of a massive amount of information everyday.  You might read online newspaper articles, listen to weekly radio show podcasts, follow friends' or key researchers' blog posts, subscribe to newsletters, or check for new job postings.  You might have e-mailed the links to yourself, while you have some links bookmarked on your desktop browser.  Perhaps you might have forgotten what keyword combination you used to find the website. 

There are just too many sites to visit, links to click, bookmarks to browse through.  Google Reader can make your life a lot easier. Google Reader is a free web based reader/aggregator that reads Atom or RSS feeds and is accessible both online and offline.  Using Google Reader, you will never need to run after the news all over the place.  You can manage them in one place and the news will automatically come to you.

  • To learn more about Google Reader, watch this YouTube Video, Google Reader in Plain English

  1. Signing Up For Google Reader
  2. Adding the RSS Feeds to Your Google Reader
  3. Subscribing to Pediatrics RSS Feeds

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