Check out these recently published studies on children, media, and health which explore a range of topics:

Cai, X. & Zhao, X. (2010). Click here, Kids! Online advertising practices on popular children's websites. Journal of Children and Media, 4(2), 135-154.

  • This study examined the structural and privacy features of advertisements placed on popular children's websites.

Krcmar, M. (2010). Assessing the research on media, cognitive development, and infants: Can infants really learn from television and videos? Journal of Children and Media, 4(2), 119-134.

  • The literature suggests that basic conceptual knowledge is needed in infants before more advanced learning, such as language acquisition, can be achieved. The essay explores whether television is capable of teaching these very basic cognitive skills.

Scullard, P.; Peacock, C.; & Davies, P.(2010). Googling children's health: Reliability of medical advice on the internet. Arch Dis Child. Available Online April 7.

  • To assess the reliability and accuracy of medical advice, over a range of types of websites, found using the Google search engine, thus simulating a patient's experience.

Wilson, K., Fornasier, S.;  & White, K.M.(2010). Psychological predictors of young adults' use of social networking sites. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 13(2), 173-177.

  • This study sought to predict young adults' use of social networking sites and addictive tendency toward the use of SNSs from their personality characteristics and levels of self-esteem.

Wu, J. & Zhang, Y.(2010). Examining potentialities of handheld technology in students' academic attainments. Educational Media International, 47(1), 57-67.

  • This study explored the use of handheld computers in the classroom as an integral means of facilitating education due to the flexibility, mobility, interactive learning capability, and comparatively inexpensive cost.


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