Here is a list of recently published studies on children, media, and health covering  a range of  topics:

  • Examination of ethnic, socioeconomic and behavioral factors that contribute to childhood obesity.
  • Use of computer gaming to learn math.
  • Examination of children exposure to printed advertisements of healthy and non-healthy foods.
  • Exploration of how stereotypical images seen on TV impacts the racial identity of African American youth.
  • Examination if whether violence in fictional and news television content frightens and worries children.

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King, Lorraine King & Hill, A.
(2008). Magazine adverts for healthy and less healthy foods: Effects on
recall but not hunger or food choice by pre-adolescent children. Appetite,51 (1): 194-197.

Martin, A.C. (2008).Television media as a potential negative factor in the racial identity development of African American youth. Academic Psychiatry, 32(4):338-342.

Singh, Gopal et al. (2008).
Racial/Ethnic, Socioeconomic, and Behavioral Determinants of Childhood
and Adolescent Obesity in the United States: Analyzing Independent and
Joint Associations . Annals of Epidemiology,18 (9): 682-695.

van der Molen, Juliette & Bushman, B. (2008). Children’s Direct Fright and Worry Reactions to Violence in Fiction and News Television Programs. The Journal of Pediatrics, 153 (30):420-424.

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