Here is a list of recently published studies on children, media, and health covering  a range of topics:

  • implications of having a TV in teens’ bedrooms.
  • Media’s impact on African American girls focus on beauty and appearance.
  • Relationship between TV watching and snack intake of young women.
  • Children and the Internet risks in Europe.
  • Use of Internet referrals in youth violence prevention.

Gordon, M. (2008). Media contributions to African American girls focus
on beauty and appearance : Exploring the consequences of sexual
objectification. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 32(3, 245-256.

Higgs, S, & Woodward, M. (2008).Television watching during lunch
increases afternoon snack intake of young women. Appetite. Available
online 23 July.

Jackson, C. et al. (2008). A TV in the bedroom: Implications for viewing habits and risk behaviors during early adolescence . Journal of
Broadcasting & Electronic Media
,  52 (3), 349 – 367.

Livingstone, S. & Haddon, L.(2008). Risky experiences for children
Online: Charting European research on children and the internet.
Children and Society
, 22(4), 314-323 .

Potera, C. (2008).Teens, TV, and bad habits. Am J Nurs. 108(8):20.

Radnitz, C. et al. (2008). Food cues in children’s television programs. Appetite. Available online July 22.

Walton, M. et al. (2008). Internet referrals for adolescent violence prevention: An innovative mechanism for inner-city emergency departments. Journal of Adolescent Health, 43 (3),309-312.

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