Here is a list of recently published studies on children, media, and health exploring  a range of  topics:

  • To explore whether high exposure to violent video games increases physical aggression over time in both high- (United States) and low- (Japan) violence cultures.
  • To examine the association between violence in the media and the expression of seriously violent behavior among older children and teenagers in a U.S. sample.
  • To examine associations between exposure to television sexual content and adolescent pregnancy.
  • To analyzed the framing of alcohol consumption in the American adolescent drama series The OC.

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Chandra, A. et al. (2008). Does Watching Sex on Television Predict Teen Pregnancy? Findings From a National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. Pediatrics, 122 (5), 1047-1054.

Sargent, J., Gibson, J., & Heatherton, T. (2008). Comparing the Effects of Entertainment Media and Tobacco Marketing on Youth Smoking. Tob Control, Available Online 23 October.

Van Den Bulck, H., Simons,  N., Gorp, B.V. (2008). Let’s Drink and Be Merry: The Framing of Alcohol in the Prime-Time American Youth Series The OC. Journal Of Studies On Alcohol And Drugs, 69 (6), 933-40.

Ybarra, M. L. et al. (2008). Linkages Between Internet and Other Media Violence With Seriously Violent Behavior by Youth. Pediatrics, 122 (5), 929-937.

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