Here is a list of recently published studies on children, media, and health which explore a range of topics:

Braun-Courville,D.  &  Rojas, M. (2009). Exposure to sexually explicit web sites and adolescent sexual attitudes and behaviors. Journal of Adolescent Health, 45(2), 156-162.

  • This study investigates the Internet's impact on adolescent sexual attitudes and behaviors.

Ellickson, P., McCaffrey, D., & Klein, D. (2009). Long-term effects of drug prevention on risky sexual behavior among young adults. Journal of Adolescent Health, 45(2), 111-117.

  • This study assesses the impact of a school-based drug prevention
    program, called Project ALERT, on risky sexual behavior among 1901
    nonmarried, sexually active young adults who participated in one of two
    program variations as adolescents.

Harris, J.,  Bargh, J., & Brownell, K. (2009). Priming effects of television food advertising on eating behavior. Health Psychology, 28(4), 404–413.

  • This research tests the hypothesis that exposure to food advertising during TV viewing may also contribute to obesity by triggering automatic snacking of available food.

Russ, S.A., Larson, K., Franke, T.M., & Halfon, N. (2009). Associations between media use and health in US children. Acad Pediatr. Available Online July 8.

  •  The aim of this study was to determine associations between TV and computer use, both separately and combined, and health attributes in US children.

Williams, D., Martins, N., Consalvo, M. & Ivory, J. (2009). The virtual census: Representations of gender, race and age in video games. New Media & Society,11(5), 815-834.

  • This study presents a content analysis of characters in video games
    to answer questions about their representations of gender, race and age
    in comparison to the US population. 


Use the free CMCH Database of Research to find other studies on children, media, and health.

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