Here is a list of recently published and upcoming titles of interest on the topics of children, media, and health:

New Books

The book examines theoretical assumptions as well as the application of innovative strategies that optimize the interface between young children and ICT from a global perspective.

Note: CMCH Senior Scientist Richard Chalfen wrote a chapter titled “Childhood, Cell Phones, and Health.”

Why are young people alienated from television news? This book argues that contemporary trends indicating deepening disconnection from news about public life reflect problems both with the way television news covers politics and with the nature of politics itself under neo-liberal capitalism.

This book examines the influence of mobile media technology on the lives of young people in East and North Asia, South East Asia, and Australia.

This book presents an up-to-date review of the literature on youth sociability, relationship formation, and online communication, examining the way young people use the internet to construct or maintain their inter-personal relationships.

Upcoming Books

This book examines self presentation and social connection in the digital age. This collection brings together new work on online social networks by leading scholars from a variety of disciplines. The focus of the volume rests on the construction of the self, and what happens to self-identity when it is presented through networks of social connections in new media environments.

Featuring contributions from leading figures in the videogames industry; this book surveys both the theory and practice of this fast-growing, yet relatively new disciplinary area.

This book offers readers an insight into studying television alongside the internet, participatory media and other technocultural phenomena such as DVDs, user-generated content and everyday digital media production. It also focuses on more specific programmes and phenomena, including The Wire, MSN, amateur footage in TV news, Bollywoodization of TV news, YouTube, fan sites tied to e.g. Grey’s Anatomy and X Factor.


Please let us know if you would like to see any books highlighted in the future!


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