Here is a list of recently published studies on children, media, and health which explore a range of topics:

Christakis, D.A. &  Garrison, M.M.  (2009). Preschool-aged children's television viewing in child care settings. Pediatrics, Available  Online November 23.

  • The goal of this study was to quantify television viewing in day care settings and to investigate the characteristics of programs that predict viewing.

Hayes, S. & Tantleff-Dunn, S. (2009). Am I too fat to be a princess? Examining the effects of popular children's media on young girls' body image. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, Available Online Dec 3.

  • The current study investigated the effects of brief exposure to appearance-related media on young girls' body image.

King. C 3rd, Siegel, M., Jernigan, D.H., Wulach, L., Ross, C., Dixon, K. & Ostroff J. (2009). Adolescent exposure to alcohol advertising in magazines: An evaluation of advertising placement in relation to underage youth readership. J Adolesc Health, 45(6), 626-33.

  • This study investigates whether alcoholic beverages popular among underage youths are more likely than those less popular among these youths to be advertised in magazines with high underage youth readerships.

Lemal, M. & Van den Bulck, J. (2009). Exposure to semi-explicit sexual television content is related to adolescents' reduced fear of AIDS. Eur J Contracept Reprod Health Care, 14(6),406-409.

  • This study investigates the relationship between adolescents' frequency of watching semi-explicit sexual television content and their fear of getting AIDS.

Sixsmith, R.& Furnham, A.(2009). A content analysis of British food advertisements aimed at children and adults.  Health Promot Int., Available Online Nov 20.

  • This study explored the differences between 35 child-focused and 52 adult-focused food advertisements sampled from 45 hrs of British television.

Use the free CMCH Database of Research to find other studies on children, media, and health.

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