Here is a list of recently published studies on children, media, and health which explore a range of topics:

Anderson, S.E., & Whitaker, R.C.(2010). Household routines and obesity in US preschool-aged children. Pediatrics, Published Online February 8.

  • This study attempts to determine the association between the prevalence of obesity in preschool-aged children and exposure to 3 household routines: regularly eating the evening meal as a family, obtaining adequate sleep, and limiting screen-viewing time.

Bierwirth, K.P., &  Blumberg, F.C.(2010). Preschoolers' judgments regarding realistic and cartoon-based moral transgressions in the US. Journal of Children and Media, 4(1), 39-58.

  • This study was designed to evaluate young children's informational assumptions about realistic and cartoon-based moral transgressions.

Bravender, T., Russell, A., Chung, R. J. & Armstrong, S.C.(2010) A "novel" intervention: A pilot study of children's literature and healthy lifestyles. Pediatrics, Published online February 8.

  • This study attempts to determine if reading an age-appropriate novel has the potential to improve BMI percentile and exercise- and nutrition-related knowledge and behaviors in girls aged 9 to 13 years who were enrolled in a childhood obesity-treatment program.

Chung, P.J et al.(2010). Association between adolescent viewership and alcohol advertising on cable television. American Journal of Public Health, 100(3), 555-562.

  • The authors examined whether alcohol advertising on cable television is associated with adolescent viewership.

Sutherland, L.A., MacKenzie,T., Purvis, L.A., & Dalton, M. (2010). Prevalence of food and beverage brands in movies: 1996–2005. Pediatrics. Published online February 8.

  • The objective of this study was to describe food and beverage brand placements in a large representative sample of popular movies.


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    I’m doing a report for a class about obesity in younger children and your listing of the “Household routines and obesity in US preschool-aged children” report just made my day. Thanks for the list and keep up the good work! :)

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