Here is a list of recently published studies on children, media, and health which explore a range of topics:

Biddle, S.J., Gorely, T., & Marshall, S.J. (2009).  Is television viewing a suitable marker of sedentary behavior in young people? Ann Behav Med. Available Online Oct 7.

  • This study was conducted to test whether TV viewing in UK teenagers
    is a marker of sedentary behavior more broadly and to see if the
    results mirror those of Australian adults.

McCarthy, W.J., et al. (2009). Density of  tobacco retailers near schools: Effects on tobacco use among students. American Journal of Public Health, 99(11), 2006-2013.

  • This study examined the relationship between students' tobacco use
    and the density and proximity of tobacco retailers near their schools.

Parvanta, S. A., Brown, J.D., Du, S., Zimmer,  C.R.,  Zhao, X.,  Zhai, F.
(2009). Television use and snacking behaviors among children and
adolescents in China. Journal of Adolescent Health, Available Online
October 12.

  • This study examines the association between TV watching and paying
    attention to TV commercials with buying and requesting snacks seen on
    commercials, and eating snacks while watching TV among youth in China.

Pfeffer, K.,& Orum, J. (2009). Risk and injury portrayal in boys' and girls' favourite television programmes. Inj Prev.,15(5), 312-316.

  • To analyze the injury-related content of children's television
    programmes preferred by boys and by girls, and to determine whether
    there are more televised models of unsafe behaviour in programmes
    preferred by boys.

Skoric, M.M., Teo, L.L.C. & Neo, R.L. (2009). Children and video games: Addiction, engagement, and scholastic achievement. CyberPsychology & Behavior, 12(5), 567-572.

  • The aim of this study is to assess the relationship between video gaming habits and elementary school students' academic performance.


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